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My name is E. Lynn and over the years I've taken on many aliases.  E. Lynn is the author within me, I know no boundaries or limits when expressing myself on paper.  I do not fit into boxes so imagine that when it comes to my writing it's impossible for me to pick a literary lane.   I wrote my first book after a difficult and traumatic time in my life.  I found myself in a very dark place and I was sinking deeper into that darkness by the day. I wrote my poem Darkness of Depression during this tumultuous time. By the grace of the Universe and my strong will to live a happy life, I fought to pull myself from the pits of despair.  My fight against depression was a battle unlike no other I'd faced in my life thus far.  I actively relied on my intuition and a brigade of wonderful healthcare professionals to get healthy.  What I noticed in my recovery is that the people around me, cohorts in my treatment groups, were struggling to lift themselves out of their depression.  I wrote and published my first book, Healthy Self, 30-Page Rundown: A Series in 2015, with those individuals in mind.  I shared insights, tips, and techniques that I used to pull myself out of that darkness.  Once the book was complete, I realized that it was a practical guide to help people in general heal and move on past trauma.


While poetry is not a genre that I particularly focus on, I use it as a mechanism to speak directly to and about people in my life, indirectly.  I wrote a very personal poem that is featured in a classic, hardbound, coffee-table anthology book of poems written by amateur poets.  The poem that was published in the book was one I'd written around the time I decided to leave my toxic marriage.  Overwhelmed by the whole situation I did what I knew to do best, put my feelings in prose.  Following the separation, I came across a poetry contest and decided to submit the poem.  My poem A Time to Reflect was selected to be in the publication, Echoes of Yesteryear, published in 2000 by The International Library of Poetry.

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Understanding the dualistic nature of life, I make sure to embrace all aspects of my personality paradigm, to ignore any part of your being is to ignore your entire SELF.  I love tapping into my prurient nature.  This side of my personality is brought out when I write erotic fiction.  I begin writing erotic fiction seriously in 2013.  The more I wrote the more the stories started to resemble a novel. I played around with the idea of turning my stories into a novel for a few years and finally decided to do it.  My 2nd book, The Pillage: Sex, Money, Murder was published in 2018.  In addition to erotic fiction, I also write erotic poetry which is more aligned with my real fantasies and escapades.  One of the most erotic poems I've written to date, and my personal favorite is Under the Veil of Darkness written in 2015 and will be published in my upcoming book of poetry, Mirth.


2016 was a life altering and very defining time for me. I came to know SELF, Soul Energy Life Force.  I was not particularly raised in the church but if I identified with any religion, it was Christianity.  As a person who analyzes everything, doctrine religion never made sense to me.  I had too many unanswered questions and because of that I was finding it hard to step out on blind faith. I'll never disparage anything written in the doctrines or to do with organized religion but coming into SELF I learned to understand faith in a different way, one that resonates within the depths of my entire being.  I stopped running from my extremely keen sensibility and what I've come to know as the 'Clairs'.  I begin operating fully in tune with all my senses.  I now find myself on a very enlightened journey.  I am able to tap into parts of myself that are beyond limits and boundaries of conscious reasoning.  I can't explain it I just embrace it.  When I retreat to that space inexplicable things happen around me.  When I think about my 3rd book, Mr. and Mrs. Know It All, Guess What You Don't Know Sh*t, An Insight Into The Universe, published and released in 2019, I think of the idiom, which comes first the chicken or the egg.  I studied nothing prior to writing the book.  My developing nature of being quite naturally sent me seeking and what I discovered was metaphysics.  I am obsessed with abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space, all things that define the metaphysical philosophy.   

Elightened Me
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