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Olivia S. Lucas is beautiful with long flowing locks, smooth pecan colored skin, long legs, snatched body and a shameless naivety that may cost her life. As an Ivy League graduate with a degree in finance Olivia works for Belcher Investments, one of the largest finance companies in the world. Book smart she is, street smart, not so much. Olivia grew up in a sheltered world; both parents successfully established careers in law and government. The closest Olivia has ever been to the hood is when her then fiancé Franklin Steele, took her there to show her where he grew up. Even with its shabby tenement buildings, high rise projects, corner bodegas, endless liquors stores, and unique character, Olivia still had no idea what the hood was all about. Franklin loved Olivia’s naïve nature and the fact that she was not jaded by all the horrible things happening in the world. Coming from totally different worlds their relationship seemed doomed before it even began. With countless obstacles standing in the way Franklin knew that Olivia was too good for him but when her father told him that to his face he realized he had to prove a lot of people wrong, including himself. Marrying the love of her life Olivia had no idea where her whirlwind romance would take her or what she had to look forward to in the future but she believed in what they shared together. Will the very different worlds of Olivia and Franklin fit together like a hand in glove or will they collide in the deadliest way.

The Pillage: Sex, Money, Murder

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  • Genre: Fiction

    Type: Crime Drama

    Rating: R

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