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  • 1.Incense Holders & Ganesha Statue---New inspirational Ganesh statues, A perfect combination of Ganapati Statue and Incense Holders. Incense holders for sticks can help to purfy air,reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep. When Incense Cones are lit on top of the Ganesha Statue, they will create waterfall smoke. Ganesha Figurine Incense Holders can also be used as a home decor and can create a unique atmosphere of serenity. So wonderful,enjoy the peace.
  • ✅2.Cute Ganesha & Small Ganapati --- Ganesha Symbol wisdom and Success,It is said to bring wealth and luck, security. Our Small Ganesh Figurine is full of wisdom,peace,harmony. Our Cute Ganpati Sculpture's modeling is dignified and serene is very conducive to the formation of positive psychological motivation.Our Ganesa Sculpture is classic retro style, presenting the most traditional Oriental characteristics. Full display of Ganpati 's inner spirit.
  • ✅3.Mini Ganesha & Mini Ganesha --- Our Ganesha statues is pure handmade from unique Pottery.Ganesa Statue made from this Pottery is so peaceful. Each of our Ganpati has been elaborately carved and blessed by the master in the temples of Asia. Only such Ganesha can inspire you and bring you good luck and peace. Ganesh Figurine Incense Holders Suitable for various home decoration styles, can put in living room, bedroom,dining room,bookshelf,office desk,etc.

Ganapati Ganesh Statue and Incense Holders

SKU: X0-298B
$14.90 Regular Price
$12.99Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Shape Pyramid
    Material Ceramic
    Color Gold
    Item Weight 0.4 Pounds
    Product Dimensions 3.54"L x 2.2"W x 4.53"Th
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