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Healthy Eating

Updated: May 31, 2023

I don't believe in deprivation. A healthy eating plan is unique for each individual. Too many of us fail at trying to eat healthier because we try to follow other people plans designed to meet their specific needs. There are no set rules of what you must eat, when, or how much, contrary to what every healthy eating book or manual has taught you. Most people know what healthy foods vs. the not so healthy foods are and have some kind of understanding of portion control. If you do not know it's ok, stick around and I will help you learn. Picking healthy choices starts with knowing and understanding your body. Next, knowing or learning how to read the nutrition labels we find on almost every packaged good that we eat. Understanding the nutrition labels just makes it easier to make healthier choices, it's not the end all be all to healthy eating.

The end all be all to healthy eating is for sure mindset. Try to always be mindful of everything you put into your body, nutritional and otherwise. Once you become consciously aware of your eating habits you can then control them.

Resources to help you make more informed decisions about your food choices.

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