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English Muffins Vs. Bagels

Recently I noticed, by design, because I read the labels on everything that there is a significant difference in the nutritional value of English muffins and bagels. I love them both.

English muffins have the amazing nooks and crannies that the butter, honey, syrup, and jelly get nestled into causing a sweet savory explosion in your mouth. Bagels are equally attractive with their crispy pizza like crust on the outside and hearty, dense, & moist inside that holds up nicely with a yummy slice of cream cheese.

So, which one should you choose when trying to make a healthy choice?

Both are fan favorites, and the choice really just boils down to the nutritional value of each.

Bagels Vs. English Muffins // Values are per serving // Serving size: 1

Calories: Bagel - 245 Vs. EM - 65

Total Fat: Bagel - 1.5g Vs. EM - .5g

Total Carbs: Bagel - 48g Vs. EM - 13g

I don't know about anyone else but for me, it's an English muffin with an occasional bagel here and there can't just give them up altogether. So just remember moderation is key to developing healthy eating habits.

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