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Prose of Thought

Darkness of Depression


On the brightest of Sunny Days obscure with darkness if you are not cautious with every step you take you are bound to fall.
You don't even scream as you feel yourself falling.
Your mind is aware of what is happening but it's like your words have no sound and your heart barely skips a beat at the thought of hitting the ground.
You surrender to the pull giving up feels so good no more feeling like you're carrying weights as you don’t sleep at night and drag through the day.
Knowing that you are strong conflicts with feeling like you are weak seems like a never-ending cycle of highs and lows leaves you beat.
What is wrong with me you wonder over and over again asking why can't I be normal.
Pessimism in what we have now a today filled with darkness overshadows optimism for more in a tomorrow not promised...

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