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Peggy Gene's is a holistic conscious spice line.  We create aromatic blends in alignment with the central Ayurvedic three-dosha theory.  We are not striving to put ourselves in the Ayurvedic system but we do take its principles into consideration when determining blend ingredients.  Food is meant to heal the body not cause it harm and we do our little part to make sure our blends are the most flavorful and healthy at the same time. 

About Peggy Gene's

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The Inspiration

Peggy and Gene were two wonderful souls indirectly responsible for this unique brand.   They created the chef that created Peggy Gene's and now their names will live on for the world to savor. 

Meet Chef ELynn Background

Meet The Chef

Chef Gena has been in the culinary industry for a combined total of 30 years.  She started when she was 12 years old catering for food trucks.  I know I know.  You're wondering who would employ a minor.  A very wonderful woman who saw Chef E. Lynn's potential and her need to have a reliable and consistent source of income and food.  Chef E. Lynn did not have a typical childhood, however, her story is for another time and place.  To learn more about the owner of this small business click here.

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Flavorful and Diverse Dishes

Catering Inquiry
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