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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
-Albert Einstein

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Don't suffer in silence anymore.  It's OK to say you're not OK.

                        You came here for a reason and rest assured when you leave...

                                                     You will be transformed into the best version of yourself!

Energy is life force; it is everything living and non-living.  It is that higher power that we all know and love. Pure energy is the pulse and heartbeat to our existence.  

At times we all feel alone in the world, lost without any direction, suffering from past grievances, suffering from present grievances, confused about life, presuming to have it all at the same time pretending to be happy.  It is nothing to be ashamed of we all suffer from imposter syndrome, most just do so in silence.

 My name is Gena Hurst and I'm a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) and Certified Reiki Master

Healing Heart Sanctuary is a coaching and wellness service.  We provide private, effective, and thorough sessions for healing, energy restoration, and transformation. 

"My purpose is to use my passion and wisdom to engage others and listen to them safely and calmly express themselves in an authentic way as I guide them through the journey of transformation." 

I've been using energy to balance life for as long as I can remember.  Not only do I use it for equilibrium I use it for protection, a shield from the harshness of the world.  Looking back, I did not know I was mastering my energy, I was just doing what felt right to protect my mental, emotional, and physical space.  Energy has served me very well.

Learn how to allow energy to serve you.  Take the 1st step. 

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Frequency, Vibration, Emotion

Looking at life from the outside in, we'd think our internal landscape is different for everyone, it is not, it is the same for everybody.  You are not an alien, you are not weird, you are not crazy, if you are we all are.  If we were all different there would be no empathy in the world.  We would not be able to relate to one another.  

Three Women

What makes us unique in some way as we navigate this journey of life is our outwardly appearance, our frequency, and our point of view.  Frequency controls our energetic vibration.  We've all heard the terms, vibe and aura, well our frequency dictates our vibe, and we show up in the world with a distinct aura.  No matter what, we cannot change or fake our frequency or aura unless we do so in a electromagnetic way.  What we can manipulate in the physical world is emotion, our appearance, and our point of view.  They are all controlled and governed by our external environment.  Changing your emotions won't do very much for changing your frequency.  

Some of what

we offer:

Energy Management (Control your emotions, make better choices in the moment).

Energy Restoration (Feel like you're dragging yourself through the day, elevate your energy reduce stress levels).

Energy Healing (Implement your body's natural healing mechanism to help clear dis-Ease).

Want to Elevate your Frequency to Change your Experiences?  Click below for a free consultation.

Elevate your Frequency

improve your Health,

Relationships, Finances,

and Everything Else.



Pure Energy is what you are, it can be shifted and shaped into anything conceivable.  With no interference or friction pure energy works to our highest and greatest good.  Existing in pure energy is what we on earth call "Heaven."  We all know the philosophy, to reach heaven you have to experience a physical death.  Absolute Nirvana on earth, is attainable, but reaching such an energetic high, it's safe to say you would no longer be in a physical body.

Conscious Energy is what we use to partake in the human experience.  It includes consciousness (thinking brain) and awareness.  Conscious energy is susceptible to stagnation and malignancy for so many reasons, most notably as a result of traumatic stress states.  Existing in a parasympathetic state of being has many adverse effects on the body.



Designer Hoodie


Both energy states serve as a conduit to creation.  We manifest using freely flowing energy.  When you have stagnant energy, it will feel as if your whole life is in a standstill or moving so slow you can't feel, process, or enjoy any change.


Do not let this human experience be a limitation to your true abilities.  Use the nature of your energetic self and the superpowers you have within to live an amazing life.   Once you achieve that, DO MORE.

Click below for a free consultation to learn how to TAP IN,

to your greatest and highest potential.

Balancing your energy centers is the best medicine for heart, mind, and body.

Life is energy.  Quite naturally the physical body contains Energy Centers to keep us balanced as we navigate life.  These energy centers are also called Chakras and they resonate the frequency of the Endocrine System.

​Once we understand how, it's very easy to connect with the energy centers in our bodies to clear imbalances and restabilize internal organs so that we are able to tap into our innate frequencies.  Re-connecting to our innate frequencies puts our entire being in sequence.  When in sequence we are capable of high-level transformation.

Energy Centers.jpeg


The most important energy center of them all is the Heart Chakra.  Authentic energy flowing from and through the heart is the purest form of energy.  It is the highest and most powerful vibration that exists in the physical world.

Some things that balancing the energy centers will do for the heart, mind, and body

High-Level Transformation

Greater Consciousness, Awareness and Mindfulness

Improved Speech, Self-Expression, Hearing, and Creativity 

More Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Self-Acceptance 

Feelings of Empowerment, Fulfillment, Ambition, and Drive

Higher Libido, Sexual Gratification, Healthy Emotions, and Better Relationships

Grounding, High-Self Esteem, Better Instincts, Improved Circulation

Understand the difference between existing in Survival Mode vs. Creation.  While in survival mode we become afflicted with all kinds of anxiety disorders.  When we are in a mode of creation we manifest our hearts desire, whether that be a stronger healthier body or a brand new house.

Want to reintroduce YOURSELF to yourself. 

Want to feel the best you've ever felt in your entire life.

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Healing Heart Coaching and Wellness Services
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