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Thank you for considering Healing Heart Coaching and Wellness Center to embark with you on your journey of healing, rejuvenation, and transformation.

We are so confident that we can help you step into your true existence of elevated awareness and mindfulness that we are offering **One Free Service** so that you can take a brief journey into your future.  It's beautiful there. 


We are offering this free service as a promotion for our business.  


*** Please read thoroughly***

On 8/4/22 we are offering a service in exchange for redemption of raffle gift voucher.  No promotional activities on this day.

On 8/5/22 we will be doing in-office promotional activities and will have a photographer on site to take photos and video after sessions for those that are ever so kind and willing to sign up for this day.  We are a small startup business that is asking for your support.  We have a host of wonderful services to offer to the world and it is our hope that you enjoy your selected free service so much that you'd be honored to share your satisfaction by way of a photo or maybe even a short video if you are a brave one. 

Camera Screen

We are not looking to make you a promotional model unless you want to be.  All photos will conceal your identity as much as possible by using low lighting and blur effect on finished photos.  If you agree to speak for a video of course you'll be recognized but otherwise, videos and photos will feature you in the background.  We are looking to primarily make the business and the service provider the star of the show.

What we capture that day will be used for both digital and traditional marketing, which include websites, social media, infographics, and also print ads.


**You are NOT required to participate** in exchange for use of the voucher, we are only hoping that after the session you'll feel so great that you'd be inclined to help by taking a few photos and/or maybe a video.  Again, you will not be obligated to do so our primary goal for this day is to share our amazing services for mind, body, spiritual healing and rejuvenation.


Available time slots for each day, they will go fast so please reserve asap:


August 4th:

1pm - 2:30pm

3pm - 4:30pm

4:30pm - 6pm

August 5th:

10:30am - 12pm

3pm - 4:30pm

4:30pm - 6pm

Please fill out the form below completely with all requested information. Click here to review more information about the offered services.  Thank you.


02:30 PM

Thank you and see you soon!!

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